About Us

We are experts in Business English

Having worked with numerous clients over the past 10 years to help both companies and individuals develop in their careers. During this time, we have seen the importance of Business English grow year on year with many companies making English a prerequisite for career progression.

We’ve worked with students around the world and we have developed both practical and fun courses to help you develop in your English skills. If you’re an individual looking to network globally, or a company ready to expand overseas, then learning Business English is the first step to your new journey. 

Ready to start? Look no further, because Uplift offers a range of Business English courses both long and short to help grow your vocabulary, understand grammar, conduct business correspondence, and many more practical skills applicable to real-world situations.

Meet The Founders Of Uplift

Adam Johnson - Co-Founder

An expert in business English having worked in the Industry for over 10 years, Adam has had proven record of building and maintaining contacts around the word having helped 100s of students from around the world in different companies. Adam previously also worked as teacher trainer developing and delivering training course to clients. Being a Spanish speaker Adam also understands the challengers and opportunities learning a foreign language can build.

Andy Flatman - Co-Founder

A wealth of experience working with global language schools for the last 9 years. Andy has worked with some of the biggest online learning websites and awarding bodies to improve their business processes and global marketing strategies. Having started as a teacher and moved into operations he is well positioned to manage the day to day running of Uplift Business English and is still hands on with the teaching. Having known Adam for over 25 years they are the perfect partnership to improve your business english.
"Adam fue mi profesor durante varios años. Las clases eran inicialmente presenciales y durante el confinamiento pasaron a ser online. En ambos casos el resultado fue muy bueno. Adam tiene grandes capacidades educativas, las clases eran muy amenas y divertidas gracias al ambiente de trabajo que creaba. Aprendías sin darte cuenta. Totalmente recomendable"

Felipe Arroyo Castillo


I really enjoyed having English lessons with Uplift. He started by asking me what I was interested in, and each course was an opportunity to debate about different topics. The course with my teacher Adam has really helped me in developing contacts in the world of English.

Héloïse Delhoume

Founder of Hosmosed

"Adam was my teacher for several years. The classes were initially face-to-face and during the confinement they became online. In both cases the result was very good. Adam has great educational skills; the classes were very enjoyable and fun thanks to the work environment he created. You learned without realising it. Totally recommended".

Juan Mercedes

Adam is very professional and makes me feel comfortable as of day one. I had a class per week and I have improved my level in English and feel more confident to talk about daily life topics. Adam is very patient and very easy to talk with. Sometimes I had the feeling to talk with a friend!"

Mehdi Mokhtari

Co founder of Alphonse et Madelein

Adam helped my Son (13 years old) for hid PET B1 Camdridge test and taught him strategies and gave him test tips. He has enjoyed her lessons with him.
Thank you Adam

Agnese Maria


Why Business English?

Is English the universal language for business? The simple answer is yes.

According to the latest data published by Ethnologue, English is the most spoken language worldwide with 1.35 billion people speaking it, either natively or as a second language. Transcending into the business world, it has become the medium of communication for many companies across the globe. English is now essential in the workplace.

Skills can include English letter writing, delivering presentations, negotiating or plain small-talk.

Such skills are already considered to be a prerequisite of modern-day international cooperation, and an important key for global business.